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Designing spaces where memories are made.


“Our work is devoted to creating an interior which is entirely reflective of you, your taste and what you have achieved”

- Sarah Yarrow

CEO & Founder



I'm Sarah.

A designer, entrepreneur, traveller and a wholehearted visionary dedicated to helping you create an interior which just “feels right”.



When you stop learning,
you stop growing:


I believe in the old saying ‘knowledge is power’ which is why I continually seek out new learning opportunities and work on my craft as a ’technician’ but also as an entrepreneur and business owner. While my trade is as a designer, my role involves and requires so much more than being just a "creative person” in order to be successful. I’m a listener, interpreter of needs, counsellor and confidante, business owner (and the myriad of hats that entails - marketing, sales, finance, operations, technical support!) Therefore, it’s little wonder small businesses become overwhelmed and often fail to reach their potential.

Like many before me, I’ve experienced plenty of highs and lows along the way but the more I move along my own path, the more I have learnt the value and importance of investing in myself. Not only financially investing via business coaches, seminars, workshops and courses, but mentally, physically and emotionally too. All these elements and facets of our lives, when invested in and honed, come together to create a well rounded, balanced person. While none of us will ever master or perfect this harmony 100% of the time, it’s the desire to strive and be better than before which truly moves us forward. I believe only then, can a person be fully present, focused and produce their best work to service their clients.


Recently I’ve attended seminars, workshops and private coaching in Los Angeles, Bali, Sydney and Melbourne. I’m also an avid reader and will openly admit, I’m obsessed with Audible and podcasts! 


“The greatest lesson I
have learned in life is
that I still have a
lot to learn”

- Socrates


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